Recycling: Cans, Paper, and Flags

Recycling is always the SECOND Saturday of the month

8:30 AM until 12:00 Noon

The Troop hosts newsprint and aluminum recycling
and collects U.S. Flags for official retirement ceremonies.

at the Economy Borough Building Complex

2856 Conway Wallrose Rd

Baden, PA15005


Some things just seem to go together and in Economy Borough Boy Scout Troop 414 and recycling have become synonymous.  From 9 AM until Noon on the 2nd Saturday of each month, the troop is available to take newspapers (without glossy inserts) tied or in brown paper bags, as well as aluminum and bi-metal cans. Newspapers can be placed in the large dark green bin at anytime.

An Abitibi Paper Retrieval box is also located in front of the Road Department Garage for drop-off of all paper products.  Paper products (including magazines and glossy inserts) can be placed in the Abitibi box.  The proceeds from both help support the Boy Scout troop and are used to purchase uniform items and offset the costs of scout activities.

If you are not recycling your newspapers or currently recycling your cans at home, you’re encouraged to help Troop 414 by bringing those items to the Road Department Garage.  Boy Scout troop 414 and Economy Borough appreciate your support.

The recycled newspapers are also a plus for local farmers. Wallace Run Farm uses old newspapers, instead of hay and sawdust, as animal bedding. The paper is shredded and blown into the stalls.  The farmers say that the newspaper reduces odor, absorbs better than hay, keeps the stalls drier, and is kinder on the joints of the older animals

Papers must be separated (please don’t leave all the sections of the
Sunday paper together)

Shiny paper is used in separate collection bin (Paper Retriever).


Retire your worn American flags by entrusting them to a scout working at the Saturday recycling.  You can drop off your worn or torn flags on the 2nd Saturday of each month during their regular morning recycling collection at the Borough Complex. Please note that only cloth flags will be accepted for retirement (no nylon or synthetic flags) and the service is only for Economy Borough residents.

Burning is the preferred method in the U.S. Flag Code (Section 176) to retire a worn or torn.  The retirement ceremony is conducted with dignity and respect and the flag burned completely to ashes. Our scouts love to include details about the flags if you know them.  Where has it flown? How long? Any memorable events happen at that site? This information may be used in the ceremony.

Instructions for Scouts:
Scouts should report by 8:30 AM
Dress for the weather Sun, Hot ,Cold Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow
Wear Class B shirt. You may get dirty!
If you are unable to attend your scheduled Saturday, you are required to find a replacement. Talk to your Patrol Leader.
This is unit service time. Recycling is a service to Economy Borough and a source of funding for our activities.

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