Links is the first stop for youth, parents, and volunteers for training, national news, shopping resources, and youth protection training.

The Laurel Highlands Council website puts you in touch with FlagPlaza (the Pittsburgh Scout Shop), every form you could think of, and local campsite links.

The Beaver Valley District website lets you sign up for our local district newsletter, forms, news, events, and leadership.

Merit provides worksheets and resources on your scouts pursuit of scouting awards.

Rehoboth Evangelical Lutheran Church is our sponsor and our meeting place.  You and your family are invited to join us for worship and fellowship.


  1. Lenhok’sin
  2. Seabase
  3. Philmont
  4. Northern Tier


  1. U.S. Scouts
  2. The Scouting Way
  3. Boy’s Life Magazine
  4. Scouting Magazine
  5. World Scout Movement


  1. Boy Scouts of America
  2. Laurel Highlands Council
  3. Boys Life Magazine
  4. Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve
  5. Florida Sea Base
  6. ScoutStuff

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