Dear Parent,

The most important way for you to support your scout is to attend the Committee meetings and, when comfortable, volunteer for an adult leadership role in the Troop.

Come to Committee Meetings Committee meetings are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 7 pm at Rehobeth Church. The meetings are posted in the calendar. Your attendance is important to communication – the committee is doorway through which parents get involved and the place they should bring their concerns.

Register as an adult leader You must be a registered adult to vote at committee meetings.  Registration is through Boy Scouts of America.  An application can be found at . Registered adults must attend two brief online classes on Youth Protection training and the Troop Committee Challenge.


  • Do you have a special skill you can share with the boys and lead them toward learning a merit badge?  Become a counselor.
  • Can you stay and provide “two-deep” leadership at any event such as recycling or camp?
  • Can you volunteer to serve as a chair or co-chair on the committee?  We have several opening including Road Clean-Up and Ways and Means.
  • Please take a moment to fill out the BSA Troop Resource Survey and turn into our Committee Chair!


  • Contact the Committee Chairperson with any concerns.  The chairperson, not the scoutmaster, is there to serve the parents.
  • Contact the Committee Communications Chair with a request for
    • A contact list for all troop members
    • An email list for all troop
    • An email list for all troop committee members
    • A list of leaders in Troop 414
    • A list of merit badge counselors in Troop 414
    • Photos: The password for the Shutterfly account to upload and retrieve photos
    • Calendar:  You can add PATroop414 calendar to your own Google calendar by clicking the link in the bottom right of the calendar display. 
    • Troop leaders may request the patroop414 sign in information to edit the calendar and Google docs.
  • Be respectful to other volunteers.

Empower  Our mission is to prepare male youth in theEconomy Borough area to make good, ethical and moral choicesover their lifetimes through character development and byinstilling in them the values set forth in the Scout Oath and ScoutLaw.  We are here for the boys.  Come journey with us!

From our Bylaws…


  1. The Troop Committee is comprised of all registered adult leaders of Troop 414 and is responsible for the overall direction and management of the Troop.
  2. The Troop Committee must have a minimum of six members, one of who serves as the Troop Committee Chairperson, to comply with BSA regulations.
  3. It is desirable to have a majority of Troop Committee members present to conduct a meeting; however, a Committee meeting can be conducted with a minimum of 6 members.
  4. Only Troop Committee members are entitled to vote on Troop Committee matters. The registration process must be completed through the local council before voting rights are granted.
  5. The Committee Chairperson has no vote on Troop Committee matters.
  6. All Troop Committee matters must have a majority vote of those Troop Committee members in attendance to pass.
  7. Current recognized Troop Committee positions are as follows:
    1. Chairman – (see responsibilities listed in next section)
    2. Secretary – responsible for meeting minutes and Troop correspondence
    3. Treasurer – responsible for maintaining Troop finances
    4. Advancement – responsible for advancement record keeping
    5. Outdoors – responsible for all areas regarding outings
    6. Ways & Means – responsible for fundraising activities
    7. Recycling – responsible for recycling activities
    8. Website – responsible for maintenance of the website
    9. Bylaws – responsible for the maintenance of the bylaws
    10. The Troop Committee may be reorganized on an as needed basis, based on a recommendation of the Committee Chairperson, and upon approval of a majority vote or whenever Committee position is vacated.
    11. Committee members may volunteer to fill a vacant position and will assume the responsibilities of that position upon approval of a majority vote at the next scheduled Committee meeting.
    12. Committee meetings are open to all non-registered parents/guardians within the Troop and Chartered Organization members as spectators.
    13. The Troop Committee responsibilities include:
  1. Adheres to and enforces the policies and regulations of the BSA
  2. Adheres to and enforces these bylaws
  3. Operates the Troop to ensure permanency
  4. Recruitment and training of quality leaders
  5. Selection of Troop Committee Chairperson, subject to approval of the Charter Representative
  6. Assist the Charter Representative in selecting a Scoutmaster
  7. Development of community service projects
  8. Arrangements for transportation for outings
  9. Planning and assistance in fund-raising
  10. Providing for special needs and assistance for individual Scouts
  11. Serve on boards of review and courts of honor.
  12. Maintaining records of Troop finances and advancement
  13. Assistance in the charter renewal process
  14. Securing tour permits for any activities as required
  15. Provide safe and adequate meeting facilities
  16. Purchase and maintenance of Troop equipment and supplies
  17. Provide positive encouragement to scouts, and ensure that the code of conduct and safety is followed at all Troop events
  18. Promotes active involvement and participation in Troop activities by parents to the extent possible
  19. Work together in unity as a Troop
  20. (l) A Troop Committee Chairperson, Committee member, Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster who is not fulfilling their obligations or not abiding by the rules set forth by the Troop Committee or as listed in the Troop bylaws may be asked to resign by majority vote of the Troop Committee at a meeting fully and openly advertised at least 7 days in advance and to which all Committee members have been invited.


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